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January 13, 2010
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The bathroom mirror, encompassing the whole wall from sink counter to ceiling, held Josie's reflection in full costume.

Back in the car, the car's veil protected her from the outside and made her invisible.  Trouble was she couldn't see herself in the mirrors for she too was invisible to herself.  It let her down that she could only see her front and tail.  The next day she woke up from a restful sleep, something that in the hospital back home would be impossible to do from the pain.  She thought the costume had something to do it.

Staring at herself, naked, was more to bear that the only thing that she could recognize from her old self was her eyes and hair.  Everything else was beyond her understanding.

Her head was that of a fox, orange fur with white fur under her muzzle and down her neck.  Her nose was wet and she rubbed it with a padded finger, then up to her ears, feeling them as they moved by her command.  The breasts seemed plumper than usual, the arms a little muscular, her stomach a little flatter, and the thighs fuller and strong.  The white fur only covered her front torso so it seemed she was wearing a skintight bodysuit.  The black fur stopped at her elbows and knees, ending with actual paws and feet.  She ran her hands again down her injured leg and not feeling any of the cuts, scraps, or missing flesh under it.  Standing up strong was impossible, but the costume is helping her do the impossible and wondered if Tyler Ingert was a god in disguise.  She kept looking at herself for half an hour and still picking up new details.

In a way, she thought she was still in the Bakersfield hospital in a coma and experiencing herself as a humanoid animal.  But it was real, down to the last hair follicle.

The door was knocked a few times and Andrew's voice came through.  "Josie, are you alright in there?  You've been in there since I got out of the shower and it's making me worried."

She saw her fox ears move from the sound and answered.  "Yes I am.  Just, a little distracted," she said.  She reached behind her head and pressed the button on her neck, and then she pulled off the headpiece to see her real face-the face of a beautiful woman.  The hearing was back to normal and can't find any cuts or scraps on her skin.  As she came closer to the mirror, she couldn't shake the thought that all the freckles were gone.

"Can I come in?"  Andrew said.

"I'm naked."

"That doesn't stop me from figuring out what's wrong."

Andrew was calm and concerned for her, too concerned for normal.  She let up and unlocked the door and opened it to peek her head to the side.  He was dressed in jeans and grey sweatshirt to ward off how cold it was in the room.  They had a feeling they were in an underground bunker from the lack of outside light and hoped they can go to the surface for some sun.

"The costume isn't off, is it?"

She held up a paw and peeked her tail.  He relaxed a little, knowing she is still not in pain and seeing she gained more control of her tail, and pushed the door open.  Seeing her with a fox body and a human head was freaking him out inside, but tried to hold those feelings back and think a lot that this was necessary to make her real body walk again.

"You don't need to worry," she said.  "I won't take it off for any reason."

For healing or to not take it off at all?  He thought.

"Look, I support you.  This was your choice and all.  If that car didn't hit us, we wouldn't be here.  You know we could be in Vegas getting married and shooting Craps."

"The trip isn't a total loss.  We still have each other."  She wrapped her fingers over Andrew's hand, squeezing it.

"I guess."  Andrew turned to look in the mirror.  Josie stood a foot shorter than him, nine inches if wearing high heels.  He looked down from her hair to her fur-covered belly button, the hips hidden by the countertop.  The tail was wagging a little and a few times shot up, seeing the white tip loom over them like a snake.

"So you're not feeling any pain at all," he said through the mirror.  Josie shook her head.

"It's an odd feeling, having a tail and the rest, but I know this will not last long.  I do miss my real body after all."  Coming closer to him, she leaned on his chest, tail wrapping over all four legs.  "After all, this trip is a lot more interesting."

A knock from the main door interrupted their tender moment and Andrew yelled it was unlocked.  Nicky came in holding the medical records in her arms, dressed in normal dark blue scrubs.  Her blond hair tied in a tight bun as streaks of hair were left alone to dangle over her face.  "Tyler will be here in fifteen minutes.  Be sure to use the sanitizing soap."

"Yeah about that," Josie said.  "I have to take a shower wearing the costume?  It will be like wearing soaked clothes."

Nicky nodded.  "I know but it's not like you can take it off and collapse in the stall from pain.  I'll come back in half an hour with the wheelchair."  She left the room and walked down to the lobby.

Andrew looked down at her and brushed a strand of hair behind her ear.  "Too bad you can't eat anything," he said.  "I'll be her waiting for you."  He slumped and kissed her on the cheek, making her smirk.  The door was closed and Josie, having to stare at herself in the mirror for a minute more, started taking the shower and drying herself for a while until she was escorted to another room ready to begin the operation.


Tyler's mother, Debbie, woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  Last night made her worry about her only child driving in the middle of the night and couldn't go to sleep until he came through the front door.  The next morning, before she told him the messages she saved from his clients and high school friends, she held up an adult skunk in his face while he ate his oatmeal.

Normally people will freak out from the stink bomb, but Tyler knew the critter, it was his de-skunked house pet.  Long story.

"Russell peed in your laundry basket again," Debbie said.  "How many times have I told you to not leave it on the floor where he can get to it."  She presented him as a pest, inches from his spoon.  Russell picked up the smell of oats and brown sugar and struggled a little to get closer to lick it.

"Oh, god," Tyler said and swallowed.  "Can't you see I'm eating?"

"The smell was atrocious," she beamed.  "I had to wash your dirty clothes yesterday morning."

"He can't help it, he likes dirty clothes, and even the gym socks from school.  Besides I didn't put my basket on the floor when I left."  Even though he doesn't have his gland anymore, Russell always went straight for the stickiest thing in the house between the dirty clothes and the ranking odors of Tyler's alchemy table in the attic.

Debbie set it on the table and placed her hands on her hips.  "Well, do something.  The smell drove me crazy all night."

"I did.  Every time I place a hex on him to stop, he senses it and bites me.  I even tried to train him over the summer."

Adam, Tyler's father, poured coffee in his thermos while hearing the two talk.  Evidently his eyes opened more, realizing a crucial piece.  "Wait," he said.  "Is your basket the light blue one?"

Tyler looked at his father with an odd feeling towards him.  "Yeah."

Adam sucked in a breath with his teeth clenched and said, "Sorry, my bad."

The mother gasped, but Tyler was confused by Adam's reaction.  "Dad, why were you in my closet?" He asked.

"I was looking for spare solder for the build site."

His eyebrow cocked.  He and Debbie were looking at Adam and didn't notice Russell sneaking in and start eating the oatmeal with quiet slurps.

"I don't keep the solder in there.  It's all in the Hole."  The Hole is the nickname of the attic and his workshop to make the costumes and pendants for his work.  He never lets his parents up there unless he's home to talk to or some other emergency.

"It was locked."

Tyler shook his head.  "The next time you need something, call me." He went back to his breakfast, stopping short as Russell looked up with oats covering his nose.  "Your lucky you're cute."  He picked up Russell and set him on the floor, scampering off to a hiding place, then he went around and washed his dishes.

Adam grabbed his briefcase, thermos, and blueprint tube while walking out but noticed Tyler's shoulders stiff.  "You seem tense," he said.

Tyler stopped and slid the bowl in the soak.  "It's the operation today.  The level of healing will take a lot out of me."

Debbie came around and leaned on the counter, one arm in her pants pocket. "You told me briefly about her.  Do you think you can make her walk?"

"Oh yeah, the clinic has the equipment and magic to regenerate spinal tissue.  I'm just more worried about the prototype she's wearing."

"Yeah your friend Nicky was telling me about it before you two left.  The way she said it was going to make you richer than our combined income."

Tyler turned around and dried his hands with a towel.  "That's what she says.  It's still on the drawing board and still gathering data.  Early this morning she emailed me a report with promising results.  The leg is showing healthy tissue regeneration, even though she can only feel and can't open the costume in separate parts."

Adam smiled.  "A costume that heals.  Might come in handy in the future."

"When it's done of course."  Tyler looked at his watch and realized it's fife minutes until show time.  "Well, guess I better go.  Can you call the school I can't come today, mom, before you leave?"

Debbie nodded.

"I'm heading off too," Adam added.  "They need me to complete the schematics for the new apartment complex.  See you tonight, honey."  He kissed his wife on the cheek and exited out the front door.  Tyler followed him but turned up the stairs.

"Break a leg, Tyler," Debbie cheered but went still.  "Ah, crap.  I meant fix a leg.  Fix a leg."

"Thanks mom," he said laughing a little.

As Tyler gathered his things and dressing in his green scrubs and white nurse shoes he was smiling from the support of his parents.  His powers were awakened at age six and a year later he was sent to camp in the mountains to train his magic to that of a healer.  After that he was grateful his parents didn't abandon him for being a freak.  His mother was supportive and kept him on the good path; his father did too and liked what he was pulling off-fixing bones, psychological work with the costumes, pulling homeless people off the streets and into jobs, giving important advise to struggling college students, and the elaborate, exclusive parties he hosted for his clients.  He would need all the support he can get to make the prototype, and Josie's operation, a success.

He made one last look for Russell, giving his a rub on the belly and a can of cat food.  Then he strapped his white bag over his shoulder, focused his magic, put the clinic in his mind, and teleported out of the house.  His ability sent him through a wormhole in space, exiting through the roof of the house and scream towards San Francisco.  The streets below him were crowded with cars and pedestrians, going about their mundane lives.  Teleporting always sent a jot through him of being free of laws, inhibition, and the right to go anywhere he wanted, even on the other side of the world just by looking at a postcard or National Geographic issue.

The wormhole immediately sent him through the dummy house's roof and end in the underground parking lot.  He opened his eyes, shaking a little from the shockwave of his own, and ended up a few feet from the main entrance.  Nobody was in the lot.

"Time to strut my stuff," he said to himself and walked inside and into the lobby.

When they say they help the magical creatures and the supernatural monsters, they weren't joking.  Tyler saw a small crowd of creatures in the waiting room.  A mermaid in the adjacent pool came in for acid burns.  Two goblins from the lower end of Oakland complained about the color of their warts if they're infected.  A group of combat wizards in the Marines came by to look over their ailing comrade in ICU, waiting to see if he can still keep his trigger arm.

He said hi to the receptionist, an elderly woman about three months from retiring, buzzed him in and came into the lounge, where he met other healer wizards all way above his age.  He was hoping to make little conversation with the clinic's director, but he was nowhere to be seen.

Nicky stood at the coffee maker reading health records and came up to her.  "Morning, Nick," he said with a bright voice.  "How's Josie?"

She put down her cup and addressed him.  "She's in the OR's standby.  All of her vitals are steady."

"What about the prototype?  Any new developments?"

"Last time I checked, none."

Tyler nodded.  "Good, good.  Lets get this over with."

He told her to have the couple in the room while he preps for surgery in the locker room.  The bag went in and pulled out his Nickelback headband, tying it to cover his blond hair and to keep sweat from dripping.  Once dressed he went to the wash corner adjacent to where Josie and Andrew were kept.  As of clinic code, he washed his hands up to his elbows five times, making the skin white and smooth.

"Don't touch me I'm sterile," he called out.  Nobody was there and he hated that it was mandatory to say it after finishing.  Arms up he bumped into the OR's door and saw three familiar faces.

Josie, headpiece on, was on the bed wearing a head cap for her hair and a thin blanket draped over her body.  Andrew stood by her, holding her hand.  Nicky rolled the tool tray and powered up the EKG and light saucer over the bed, then went ahead and attached electrodes to Josie's chest as the EKG synced with her heartbeat.  Hearing Tyler come in and finished her job she immediately came to him and slid the white latex gloves over his scrubs down his elbows.

"I'll assist you in the operation," Nicky told him being calm.

"No, I'll have Don help me.  He knows how to use the tissue regeneration potions more than me."

Nicky double backed.  "Huh?"

"You gave me more data on the costume than usual.  I need you to be with Andrew as I work.  Keep him calm.  If you like, use the wooden box from my bag in the locker."

Nicky was not taking it too lightly.  It was her healing costume idea in the first place and she wanted to see the end result more than Tyler.  The progress of the leg and spine were the main focus, a four to five hour operation depending on how well they healed.  She glanced at the nervous boyfriend and back.

"If you wish," she relented.  "I just hope he doesn't freak out from the patients in the lobby."

"Send him to the room anyway," Tyler whispered then walked up to the couple.  "Ok, lets get started."  He jerked his head at the two-way mirror to his right and the door next to it opened.

Don was a three-year male nurse and surgeon assistant, specialized in regenerative potions.  Six years older than Tyler, he appeared as a prep boy from a rich family-combed back hair under a white headband, sleek build, and a keep-to-himself attitude.  He knows his potions well and had no prior knowledge of Tyler's prototype until that morning when the word got out he was testing it again.  Then again he was afraid he was going to steal his thunder down the road.

Nicky came up to the boyfriend.  "Come with me.  You can't be here."

"Just one second," Andrew added and leaned over Josie.  "I'll be right outside waiting for you."  He stopped short from almost kissing her, figuring out where to do it.  Josie sighed a little and kissed him dead on with her muzzle for a second then parting.  Andrew was caught off guard from he cold nose and tried not to be rude about it.

Tyler cleared his throat a little too loud and Andrew stood up.  One last move to make and he took Josie's paw, kissed the top, and backed away like a man awaiting his woman leaving the station.  Josie waved and rested both hands on her stomach, her tail to her side and wagging from the short moment of love.

"I'll call you on the progress," Tyler added.  Nicky led him out and the doors locked.  "You really do love him."

Josie moaned in agreement.  "Indeed.  Been together for a year."

And when I'm through, Tyler thought, it will be more than fifty.  "Don, apply the gas mask."

He nodded and chose from an array of masks, selecting the canine version and sliding it over Josie's muzzle.  She had little room to talk.  Tyler approached her and placed his hand on the handle to the gas tank.

"I will need you to count backwards from one hundred," he said.  The handle turned and gas seeped in the mask and down Josie's lungs.  She started counting, muffled by the mask.

"One hundred, ninety nine, ninety eight, ninety…seven, nine…" Her eyes closed and the rest of the body fell limp.  Steady breathing followed as Tyler adjusted the output of gas.  He snapped his fingers over her face a few times to make sure she was good as asleep.

Satisfied, he reached in his magic and snapped his fingers.  The stereo in the corner turned on, tuning to an internet soft jazz station in the middle of Dave Koz's Saxophonic.  He plays jazz every time he does serious healing, a ritual to ease his mood and increase concentration.

Don rolled his eyes.  "You have some strange taste in music," Don said.  He never liked jazz.

Tyler ignored him.  "Wand."  Don gave him his green wand from the tray.  He pulled the blanket from her left leg up to where it joined her hips.  The tip of the wand touched the tip of her foot and sent magic through it as a zipper appeared over the fur.  The fur parted and Josie's human foot came out, followed by the mangled calf and broken knee.  He smiled from the result.

"Nice.  Healthy tissue growth and no sign of dead cells.  Your potions could work faster than predicted.  The knee will be my concern."

Don looked over the leg and held back the taste of bile before covering his face with his mask.  Tyler adorned his mask and worked his magic.


Andrew obligated to stay in the room, fearing he could miss out an important piece of news on the operation.  Then again he regretted making the decision to sit in the lobby.

He sat close to the only nightstand and rack of old magazines as he could, away from the freak show. The creatures he saw boggled his mind, some that really came from the stories of his childhood.  He counted over ten of them, carrying minor to moderate injuries and each one were taken in as fast as possible by the nurses; the mermaid took longer to be put in a special tank and rolled the beauty out of sight.  The atmosphere felt slow to him as if a second was twenty minutes, the result when the clinic was on a slow day.

Once the group of Marines was granted access to see their friend, a large seven-foot creature covered in swamp slime and garbage entered from the secret entrance.  Andrews back tensed from the red eyes and the biceps tacked together with sections of asphalt.  From his appearance and the stench already hitting his nostrils, he was at the point of loosing his breakfast.

The walking trashcan looked around and spotted an empty chair near Andrew.  Oh shit, he thought.  It stalked to the seat, feet leaving a track of black sludge.  Sitting down before exhaling with a gurgle, Andrew's stomach lurched from the smell of rotten eggs and spoiled beer.  Does this thing drink?

The head creaked its neck, then looked straight at Andrew with its red beady eyes.  Andrew quivered in his seat.  He expected the thing to go after him, probably for not being here for reasons he wasn't aware of.  The creature raised his hand, four thick fingers strong to break bone, and then it sailed through his chest.  Drips came off and fell on Andrews's jeans.  It was digging for something he didn't know, in it's own body, then it found the object and pulled it out, a small muck covered plastic bag.

It opened his mouth, took a raspy breath, and said,  "Wanna buy some weed?"  It gurgled as it talked and had huge traces that it was something more than alcohol.

"Lurch, what are you doing?"  Nicky stood in front of Andrew, holding a cup of coffee and a wooden box under her arm.  Andrew was feeling mighty relieved she was there.

The creature called Lurch looked at her.  "Nothing."

"Nothing you say?  That bag of pot doesn't tell me its nothing."

Lurch shoved the bag in its gut and sat rigid, gripping the base of the chair.

"Listen, Lurch.  This isn't your place of business.  If you have an injury, then tell me.  Otherwise you must leave before I call in those Marines for a favor."

It shuttered from the thought and slowly got up, towering over the girl.  It grumbled and said,  "My stuff is better than what your director buys."  He walked passed her and disappeared through the passageway.

Nicky shook her head.  "Good thing you didn't buy that," she said, "that stuff grows on his back in the summer months.  Massive stomach aches and ulcers once burned."

Andrew sat silent.  She looked down and saw how scared he was.  "Ok, staying here isn't helping you.  Come with me to your room, I have a pager to tell me the updates."  She handed him the cup and he graciously took it, gulping down the hot coffee as he shook from his own fear.

"You deal with this all day?" He asked.

"Yeah, every day.  Lurch comes by once a week to try to make a quick buck and we kick him out all the time.  He suffers from memory loss and forgets to take his medicine, and forgets to stop coming."

Andrew glanced back at the lobby as a few more creatures came in for treatment, a stone golem wearing a yellow tie and a group of gnomes limping.

"Honestly I should be in their overseeing Josie's operation, but Tyler said you needed the company."

"No doubt.  I'm still waiting for one of them to come after me with a knife."

"Oh you mean them.  We treat the good ones.  All you've seen are people who know how to defend themselves or don't want to fight at all.  It's easy to start a conversation with them.  I occasionally talk to them in the lobby before treatment.  Helps bring the mood up."

They strolled down the hallway and Andrew saw his door.  "It's just too unbelievable.  This place, the monsters, the magic, all exists.  How do you keep it a secret from the whole world?"

Nicky didn't ask for the key so she graciously opened the door for him.  "That sort of thing is hard to think about, but for me, keeping quiet about my other life is easy with friends that don't want to break it open for material rewards."

"Like money?"

Nick nodded.  "As it stands, its better to keep the worlds separate and working in the background than in front."

Keep it a secret and the world keeps turning, Andrew thought.  He sat on the foot of the bed; Nicky pulled the chair from the desk and sat.

"I see your taking Josie's condition well," Nicky started.  "Tyler is treating her well.  He's that kind of person to not leave a troubled person behind."

"One part inside me says she will walk again, the other is the costume."

"What do you mean?"

Andrew didn't look up.  The thought of seeing Josie as a vixen, acting like an animal was too much to understand.  "I'm worried she will not part that thing from her.  I didn't sleep well last night.  All I did was sit across from the bed and stare at her.  She acted like a sleeping animal.  It's all an illusion, but I don't think the fur is just artificial."

As a Beta Tester, Nicky hanged out with Tyler enough to know how he works his psychology powers.  Andrew's actions and emotions are exactly what she seen from people who see the costumes result from the outside.  She leaned closer and held tight on the box.

"It's okay what your feeling.  Sometimes Tyler's magic doesn't work, like you.  Josie is very lucky to have you.  Makes me jealous that I don't have someone beside me."  And call him hubby whenever I want.  "The costumes don't leave behind anything once take off, he designed them personally to not.  It's all character traits she's experiencing, nothing more."

Andrew recalled the sight of seeing the costume consuming Josie's body like a symbiote and the look on her face, of fear and amazement.  "Do they hurt when put on?"

"A little, just a small tingle and warmth, like a hot blanket.  Mine takes longer because of the extra legs and bubble butt.  As he said, Tyler makes them for psychological healing."

"But why a…a horse?"

"There called centaurs.  My Clydesdale centaur costume is tailored for me because I help him test his items."

The fantasy word escaped him.  He looked up and rubbed his neck.  "Can you check on Josie's condition for me?

"Sure.  Be right back."  She stood up, set the box on the table, and left.  Andrew looked at the box, sitting still as ever.

Must be one hell of a psych healing to use them.  He spent the time thinking what Nicky said.

Josie came back, seeing Andrew sipping on a soda can on the bed, trying to stay awake.  "The leg is almost done, he's stitching it as we speak."

He smiled.  "Wow, that fast.  So what's in the box?"  He pointed at the table.

She grabbed it and brought it closer.  "It is a sample box Tyler carts around, sort of like paint strips.  Basic forms to choose from."  She opened it and gazed at the pendent costumes, six in total, and each one a different color.  "It's always the most popular-taurs, felines, canines, birds-then he goes on and makes a custom costume for the client/patient.  He told me to take it with me if you ask about them.  I can even let you try one out."

Andrew took another sip of cola.  "Wear one?"  Nicky nodded.

"We got time to wait and their safe to use.  The spine repair will take the longest, up to two hours.  We can try all six, with my help of course."

Andrew made a weird look in his eye towards her and she reacted.  "It'll be all professional.  No weird stuff."

"As long as I know what Josie is feeling," Andrew said and walked up to the box, taking a light green pendent in his fingers, examining it with a careful eye.


Tyler counted one hundred thirty seven stitches running along the new and old flesh.  Making twenty more up to the middle of Josie's thigh, he cut off the excess.  He relaxed a little and wiped the sweat from the small exposed forehead.  "Finish up the seal, Don, then were gonna have to turn her over."  Don came around and applied special salve to heal the cuts and dissolved the stitches while Tyler went to drink from the small fountain in the corner.

The leg took longer than expected.  Fifteen minutes to grow the new muscle and skin, and then let it form into the missing places in the leg, then stitch it.  Fixing the knee was tough just because it was fractured in five places and had to replace the cartilage between the joints.  He thought he was going to faint from how much magic he was exerting to make the flesh accept and not rot on its own.  Wiping his mouth and replacing the mask he came back to see Don applying the final dab of salve.

Her leg looked like it didn't get hurt at all.  The skin color was the same, not showing any remnant of a pale scar or stitch.  He picked up his wand, focused his exhausted magic again, and zipped up the costume's leg over Josie's.  "I'll let that take care of anything we missed," he added seeing the human leg form to the fox leg before.  "Ok, I'm ready."

"No, I'll do it," Don interjected.  "You look like you are ready to fall asleep."  The drooping eyelids and sagging arms said enough that Tyler had enough.  Don slid off the blanket, extended his arms and levitated Josie's body off the bed.

As the sleeping vixen floated, Tyler caught something familiar in Don's eyes.  He was looking at her too intently, scanning from head to tow like a door prize.  This made Tyler edgy because he knew what he was thinking.

"You still not getting a costume, Don," Tyler said, panting.  "That's final."

"Heck, like I can't do any naughty things in it," Don commented.  Josie's body was rotating and Tyler pulled the facemask hoses around to not wrap around her neck.

"That's what concerns me.  You still leave those magazines of yours out in the lobby."

Don nodded and didn't defend himself and his personal matters.  One thing Tyler can't stand is the people who use the costumes for things that aren't tolerated.  Earlier when he started making the costumes, he made so many restrictions on them that the only way he can control them was to take away a crucial but important sense in the human body: sensual pleasure.

In some cases like breaking addictions, he believes that erotic experiences get in the way of the psychology, distracting the patient and make things seem worse than they already are.  That's when the Erotic Gateway was created.  He turns it on and the patient gains full pleasure of the costume, down to the groin.  It's never free, only activated once the patient pays the full price or the patient has a good behavior record and experiences the missing feeling for a while.  It didn't daunt on him that Josie never asked why she didn't feel anything that jumped at her.

But as her body was being lowered and her lower back exposed, Tyler was dreading this final healing.  The spinal cord is the most complex to repair.  If it was damaged by a slip disc or fractured by the bone column, there was no way to do anything except by complex healing potions and rituals involving heal runes.  All of the progress reports said the spinal cord was untouched since Bakersfield and he felt confident to not x-ray, then again the prototype is still experimental, and there were too many unknowns to count if the costume did anything to it.

Tyler took a deep breath to gather his strength and punch down his frustration.  "One last injury and I can call it a day."

He raised his wand and pointed at the space above the tail.  He drew a vertical rectangle, then a line down the lower half of the spine.  The pieces parted like a book and her skin was exposed.  The area where the costume extended her tailbone showed, covered by the fox tail.

It seemed that the space where the spine was injured healed up for him.  The report said it was caused by a stray steak of metal entering from the passenger side door and made its way to the tender flesh, through the hard bone.  There was no trace of a scar and no way of knowing where the injury was located, but that didn't bother him.

"Scalpel," he ordered with his hand open.  Don placed the tool in the hand and Tyler gripped it.  His free hand came resting on the skin as he focused his exhausted magic yet again to find the crack in the cord.

He felt the power of the nervous system, electrical chemical signals still firing, running from her brain to her…

"Huh," Tyler mumbled.

"What?" Don said.

He touched the space again, but was confused from the mixed messages he received.

"I can't find the break," he admitted.

Don sighed.  "It's because you're sweating and about to faint.  Let me check."  He pushed Tyler's hand away and pressed both his hands on her back.  He closed his eyes, focused, then hummed.  "This isn't right.  I can't find it.  It's like it's not there."

"It's got to be interference with the costume.  Let me take off the tail."  Tyler pointed his wand at the tail and ran it along the limb from the base to the tip.  It split and parted along with some of the costume covering Josie's bottom.  He saw the magically grown tail shrink and flatten out to normal.  He chocked up from the exposed flesh.  "Do it again."

Don went at it, focusing more intently and longer than before.  His hands shot away and his eyes went wide in shock.  "This is insane, I can't find the injury."

Don shook his head slowly.  "It's not."  He told him what he found out.

Tyler gasped and backed away in fear of an invisible flame.  Staring at Josie, asleep with her derriere exposed to a man and boy, what Don said was something he didn't expect, didn't think about, and physically impossible to pull off; Tyler's magic did that but wanted to be double sure.

"Don, I'll wake her up and take off the costume while you fire up the X-ray."
Next chapter. It has a abrupt ending, but thats why the suspense is there. *gasps*

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